Tattoo Flash Revival


Chito and Nole have hundreds of hand painted designs for fair prices……On Sundays they cut a deal so come by, first come first serve.

End of (another) era @ Revolution Tattoo

Boogie’s Farewell Pizza Party

After 6 years of collecting John’s Pizza coupons (and occasionally doing a sweet tattoo), Marshall Brown has moved on from Revolution Tattoo to join his brethren Max at Sacrament Tattoo. We can be seen here celebrating his departure Chicago Style! He had a good run and he will be missed…kind of. We wish him the best of luck. Vaya con Dios!


Hey everybody, I am a 21st century man!

Much to my dismay and despite my vigorous nay saying, I have dumped my flip phone and updated my cellular technologies to that of the smart variety.  As a result, I have become an avid photographer (like everyone else) and joined my 6th social media outlet, Instagram!

I will continue to post new tatt photos on the website and facebook periodically, but if you would like to see more frequent photos of what I am working on with a sprinkling of cat and girlfriend photos, subscribe to join to follow me at:


I cannot wait to see you on there!